stacyc (stacyc) wrote in kitten_rescue,

16 Year Old Cat Needs A Home - URGENT!!

I realize this isn't a kitten, but I wanted to get this out everywhere. Delete if necessary.

This is so sad...this girl is giving up her cat because it sheds and has accidents outside of the litter box. If she isn't adopted within a month, she's going to have her put to sleep.

Please read...crosspost...anything.

She's located in NE Ohio, but transports can be arranged, so please don't let the distance scare you.

Sex: Female
Date of birth: 4/1/1989

Original post can be found here.

(taken from adopt_a_pet)

EDIT: This girl is apparently only a troll and is not intending to give up her cat. She's just a moron looking for attention in any form she can get (and seeing her journal now, its quite obvious this girl just loves attention). So just ignore this. Ignore cookiecache. She needs to grow up.
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