Shrimpy (gracefulshrimp) wrote in kitten_rescue,

Ferals needing a home

I have been working with two ferals and they are finally spayed and shotted and set to GO!!!
So they have come from right off Mainstreet and i would rather they didnt go back to living there.
They are a mother daughter pair, called affectionately, Mama and Faye. not sure how old the mother is but Faye is just under a year. Faye is all grey but Mama is the prettiest grey and white kitty you will ever see!!!
I live in Central NH, but i could drive almost anywhere in New England and there is a LJ community: DriveForLife that does transport of pets to forever homes and stuff like that.

Because they are a set, i dont want them split up and i would rather put them back where they are from than seperate them. so that is not an option, but i would love it if someone had a barn that needed two cats, i have a dog crate that you could have. for them to stay in the crate for a while and then expand their space until they understood living in the barn.
There are plenty of resources for dealing with ferals. the biggest as far as i know is which is an excellent resource for information.

Is there anyone who could welcome Mama and Faye into their homes?

for VERY crappy pics of them, you can check them out here: **warning these are from their first day and they were freaked out and yeah** also they are kinda big pics!

1: mama is in the center and Faye is the bottom left. this need for homes does not include the cat on the right.

2: clearer shot of Faye on the bottom there and then mama

3: very similar pic as #2

Any help you could give or any guesses you could offer would be Great!!!!

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EDIT: i would also like to say, in case it wasnt clear, they are not pet-friendly cats, they are completely feral and would just like a barn to live in. there is a site within on how to relocate your feral to a barn, but they would not be indoor lap cats, by any means!
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